Harrogate Men v Harrogate Ladies

On Sunday 25th February the Harrogate "Friendly" team had their first Men v Ladies match.

This was played over 21 ends. The men won the match 81 to 76. Not the walkover the men as expected!!!! Although the men won on 3 rinks the ladies had a great win on rink 4. Thanks to Shelia, Jenny, Anna and Vanessa scoring 30 points to the men's 9!!! (not mentioning the men's names!!!)

The match was played in good spirit and was a fun occasion which hopefully will become an annual event.

Many thanks to those club members who are always on hand to help. Special thanks to Sheila Bastow and Jenny Woolley for the lunchtime food and Linda and Chris Noy for providing the afternoon tea.

Many thanks also to Jeff Bastow for organising all the friendly matches this season

Winning Ladies: Anna Naughton, Vanessa Gant, Sheila Bastow & Jenny Woolley


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