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February 2017

Dear Members,

The new season started once again with a good intake of new members, hopefully should a vacancy arise you would consider giving them a chance in your team either to become an additional member or as a substitute.

Many thanks to Peter Ryan for hosting a very successful President's Day and to Jeff and Sheila Bastow for organising the friendly matches which have been well supported.

A Christmas programme, including a heavily subscribed Maureen Ryan Trophy, was enjoyed by all participants and thank you to the volunteers that organised the events. A special thank you to Angela Hollingworth for drawing up the programme and organising the prizes.

A new event sponsored by Toby Hutchinson of Hutchinson's Wealth Management took place in February and as well as the bowling, supplied us with afternoon tea and this is going to be held annually, out thanks to Toby.

We are coming to the end of our winter season with a lot still to look forward to. The club will be closed for two weeks commencing Monday 11th April for the installation of air conditioning which should make your bowling experience a lot more comfortable!

The summer programme will be posted on the notice board in due course.

Dates for your diary:-

Boston Bowls - Will be at the club on Saturday 11th March 11am - 3pm. They will have bowls, shoes and clothing for sale. If you wish to order a certain size bowls/clothing please phone Mark in advance on 01205 766154 or 07831 440365.

Annual General Meeting - Takes place on Friday 31st March at 7pm. If you would like to nominate for a position on the Executive or Sub Committee or put forward proposals on aspects of the running of the club please add your name to the nomination sheets. Do not forget any motions must be submitted to the General Secretary in writing, proposed and seconded, twenty one days prior to the AGM.

Club Championships - Over weekends Saturday 1st/Sunday 2nd April and Saturday 8th/Sunday 9th April. Please give the finalists your full support. Refreshments will be available. Annual Presentation Dinner -Saturday 30th September when our guest speaker will be Peter McCormick Solicitor, it should be a good fun packed evening. Further information in due course.

Annual Presentation Dinner - Saturday 30th September when our guest speaker will be Peter McCormick Solicitor, it should be a good fun packed evening. Further information in due course.

Dress Code - Still seems to be an issue would you please see and familiarise yourselves with the code which appears at the end of this newsletter and please adhere to it.

May I remind you all once again to keep to the speed limit on the approach road (Nursery Lane East) to the Club, which is 5mph as yet again we have had complaints from members of the public.

Once again thank you to my Executive Committee, House Committee, Coaches and Receptionists and all who gave their time voluntarily.

Happy Bowling.

Catherine Shaw - Chairman

President's Report

Gratefully accepting the privilege of Honorary President has enabled me to see first hand the reasons for the continued success of our Club.

The excellent general administration of the Club gives us a most enviable financial situation and with the inter club teams punching well above their weight and the high standard of structural improvements and maintenance, we can be proud of the efforts made. These efforts come from the volunteer unpaid few who should not be taken for granted and I ask you to give them the support they fully deserve.

Finally, I would like to thank those of you, in respecting my position, who have allowed me to win the occasional match

My sincere wishes to the 2017 President and the Committee.

Peter Ryan - Hon President

Men's Section News

Another good year in the Nationals with a number of players reaching Area semi-finals and finals:-

Singles - Dave Spilsbury - Area semi-final

Over 60 Pairs - Dave Spilsbury & Ronnie Green - Area Final

Over 50 Triples - Robert Harris, Tim Hawkins & Jeff Bastow - Area semi-final

Mixed Pairs - Robert & Leslie Harris - Area semi-final

Dave & Angela Spilsbury - Inter Area Final

Family Pairs - James & Louise Frith - Area semi-final

Dave & Angela Spilsbury - Area Final (still to be played)

With regard to the County leagues we will probably finish 3rd in Division 2 and 5th in Division 3. A continued influx of new members means we go from strength to strength and as players get used to playing in these matches I believe we will only get better.

I must thank all the members for their continued support this year and particularly Ronnie Green as my Vice Captain. I must also express my sincerest thanks to the ladies who have helped with the catering again this year especially Jenny Woolley who has been a tremendous help.

I look forward to next year and wish everyone a good summer's bowling either indoor or outdoor.

Roy Legate - Men's Secretary/Captain

Ladies Section News

The end of the season is already creeping up on us and I am sure, like many of you, do not know where the time has gone!

This year we did not enter the Masons Trophy but played in the Yetton and Egham Trophies and in both these competitions we met our nemesis York in the second round when we were defeated. In respect of the Egham I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the players but in particular 'our men' for their support in this mixed competition and of course our umpires, Lesley Dearlove, Chris Bishop, Peter Gordon and Robert Harris.

Last Season we were successful in winning the second division of the Yorkshire Ladies League and have been playing in the first division this season. We are currently second in the Division 1 table with one game to play and I am hopeful that we will retain our place in the first division for next season. Whatever the outcome may be I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our ladies for their efforts and continued support.

This season we entered the North Eastern League for the very first time specifically to accommodate and encourage some of our more recent members to play at County level. We have had some success and I anticipate that we may end up mid-table which is encouraging this being our first season in this league. May thanks to you all for your enthusiasm and support.

The winners of last year's Club Championships have been playing in the Champion of Champions and congratulations are due to Angela Spilsbury who is through to the semi-final of the ladies singles to be played against Leeds. Audrey Sneddon and Sue Wallace who are through to the semi-finals of the ladies pairs to be played against New Earswick and Tina White, Marlene Laurence, Jill Skinner and Jenny Wright who are through to the final to be played at Selby on 9th April - their opponents will be New Earswick or York.

Some of our ladies entered the National Competitions and progressed well past the initial rounds and in particular, congratulations are due to Angela Spilsbury and Karen Bishop who have reached the Area Final of the Ladies Singles and are playing against each other for a place in the Inter Area Final. Olwyn Ray-Mathias, Margaret Bailey and Sue Armstrong are also through to the Area Final in the Over 50's two wood triples as are Jenny Woolley, Marlene Laurence, Jill Skinner and Gill Godden in the ladies 4's and Jill Skinner and Jenny Wright in the over 60's pairs.

Once again, I would like to take the opportunity to extend my thanks to all the ladies (and men) who have given their time and done such a marvelous job with the catering and in particular to Roy Legate and his 'team' for providing hot food on match days and not forgetting all the ladies who h ave made scones and baked cakes for our special events.

We will be catering on our championship finals weekends so if you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated (see Ladies' Notice Board).

I look forward to seeing a good many of you at our Ladies' Annual Dinner at Ascot House on Friday 7th April.

Jill Skinner - Ladies Secretary/ Captain

League Secretary's Report

All games were played in the first half of the league - many thanks. In the second half, we have a few games outstanding; please try to get them played as soon as possible. The last games for this winter season finish on the 31st March 2017. Details for any 'play-off' games will be posted on the League Notice Board. All outstanding games and 'play-off' games must be played by the 7th April.

The summer Programme will start on the 24th April - details will be on the Notice Board shortly.

Thanks to all who joined the New Members League, I hope you have enjoyed playing in the league. The Open Triples 'D' at 9am on a Friday has also been a great success and some of our new members have been playing in this league. There is still one place available in this league.

The winter season will recommence on Monday 4th September 2017.

The application forms for the Leagues in September will be available shortly at reception. Please fill in your forms as soon as possible. If you would like to enter a team for the first time, please fill in a form. Teams do drop out and it would be great to start next season with a full complement. Priority will be given to existing teams (until 31st March) no reminders will be given. In the leagues, pairs must have at least 4 players and triples 5 players, to avoid any games being cancelled - you can also bring a sub in if necessary as long as they don't skip. Please read section F Rules & Regulations for all league Competitions and Play-Offs.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued suport and I look forward to receiving your application for next season.

Angela Hollingworth - League Secretary

Club Championships

As we near the final stages of the club championship competitions, I would like to say a big thank you to all competitors for playing your games within the said time-frames, only a few games have gone over the stipulated dates and had my permission; it really helps in the smooth running of the competitions. My only slight niggle is that dates are being entered into the book that have not been accepted by their opponent's, this stops other competitors from arranging their own game, please try to avoid putting more than one date into the book for the same game.

Once again than you and enjoy your bowling.

Dress code for all finals ''Whites'' (not Club or coloured shirts), this applies also to the markers and umpires. Refreshments will be available on all days as usual.

Gary Swift - Club Competition Secretary

Reminder - Dress Code

Men's Dress Code -

Grey trousers which should not be of a chino or jeans style. Predominantly white shirts with a collar with only bowls manufacturers logo permitted. This means Taylor, Emsmorn, Henselite, Aero etc. Not Umbro, Adidas, Puma etc. Shirts by a recognised bowls manufacturer with a coloured panel or piping are acceptable.

Ladies Dress Code -

Grey skirts or trousers which should not be of a chino or jeans style. Predominantly white shirts or blouses with a collar with the same restrictions as ot manufacturer logos and colours as the men's.

Car Parking

There have been many occasions this year, when our car park has been heavily used and available vacant spaces have been in short supply. This situation is made owrse when cars are parked on or across the white lines maing vacant spaces unusable.

PLEASE consider the needs of other members and PARK WELL WITHIN THE WHITE LINES.

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