In order to re-open the Club and return to playing bowls we must follow the guidance of the Government and the EIBA to ensure the safety of our Members and Volunteers.


To ensure a safe return to bowling the Committee is implementing the following policy, all Members will be required to follow these procedures and by making a booking to play it will be assumed that they agree to this policy.




Initially all sessions will be run as roll-ups and available as follows:-


Monday to Friday 10:30 to 12:30.                                         Saturday 10:00 to 12:00        

                              Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to 20:30              


 A maximum of 16 players will be allowed per session. Only Members who have pre-booked will be allowed in to the Club, no spectators.


Bookings can be made up to one week in advance by telephone. The booking sheets containing details of Members names, telephone numbers, rink allocation and session attended will be retained for twenty one days in case track and trace is required.




Access to the Club will be available 20 minutes before the start time of your game.


Players will observe social distancing of  2 metres when arriving at the Club and throughout their stay and must use the hand sanitiser placed in the entrance before proceeding into the Club. Members must not enter the Club if they have a temperature, new cough or loss of taste or smell, the Receptionist will ask for confirmation of this.


Players must place their rink fees in the box provided and are requested to ensure that they have the correct fee of £2:00 with them to avoid the need for the Receptionist to handle coins.


The Receptionist will draw out a number and Players will proceed to the rink allocated where chairs and tables have been provided. Players will change shoes and get ready to play leaving all bags etc at the table in a safe manner to avoid causing any accidents.


Players must arrive properly dressed for bowling and bring with them their bowls and shoes, the Club dress code will be maintained.  On the first visit, players will be allowed to retrieve their equipment from lockers but must then take everything home with them.


The bar and social area together with locker rooms will not  be available to use, Players must bring their own refreshments, including water and take any rubbish home with them when they leave.


At the end of a game Players must leave immediately and should refrain from walking round the Club, sticking to the playing area.




  • Games will be pairs.

  • Mats - one person (e.g. Lead) nominated by agreement to place the mat throughout the game under instruction from the Team Member whose turn it is to "have the mat".

  • Jacks - the Lead Player from each Team will send their own Jack (two Jacks per rink will be provided). Each Jack will be marked with a coloured spot to avoid any confusion. Any adjustment to the Jacks position must be done using your foot.

  • Scoring - one person to operate the scoreboard registering the score every alternate end.


Mats, Jacks scoreboard control and  grab rails will be sanitised by the Receptionist at the end of each session.


To facilitate the 2 metre guidelines for Social Distancing, when changing ends Players are asked to walk on the right hand side of the rink on rinks 2 and 3 and on the ditch side on rinks 1 and 4.




  • No shaking of hands.

  • Only use your own bowls.

  • One cubicle in each toilet  will be accessible, (no urinals),  the outer doors will be left open to avoid Members having to touch the handles. Only one person at a time should enter the toilets i.e. one person in the Ladies, one in the Gents, one in the Disabled toilet. Please ensure hand sanitiser is used before going back on the rink.

  • Following guidance from the EIBA the Committee are advised that wearing a face covering is mandatory on entering the Club and whilst in the social area. The Committee also highly recommend wearing a face covering whilst on the rinks.

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