Social and Competitive Bowling 

At Harrogate Indoor Bowling Club we offer a variety of bowling to suit everyone. From beginner sessions and social bowling, to league and competition bowling, and Yorkshire Inter County level bowling. With rinks available in the mornings, afternoons and evenings there is sure to be something to suit everyone.

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Social Bowling

Bowls is a versatile sport played by people of every age. At Harrogate Indoor Bowling Club you can play socially just for fun.

With over 12 'Social' and 'Roll-Up' sessions available throughout the week you will always be able to find a time to play with your friends, or together with other club members. This is a great opportunity to develop your skills or just to make new friends and have fun

Our Social sessions allow members to book a rink up to a week in advance to play matches  with friends.

Our Roll-Up sessions allow members to turn up at the scheduled times to play with other members in a friendly game.

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League & Competition Bowling



Ready to progress? The club offer 16 leagues in total running during the morning, afternoon or evenings. Ranging from Pairs, Triples, Ladies, Men and Mixed there is sure to be a league that fits your skill and availability.



The club also run a large number of competitions throughout the year including Singles, Pairs, Triples, Rinks, Men's, Ladies' and mixed. All members are invited to enter the annual Club Championships.

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Inter County Bowling

There is ample opportunity available to pit your skills against a variety of clubs in the Yorkshire region. The Yorkshire Inter County Championships offer a variety of leagues including - 

     Men's - Yorkshire Indoor League, Yorkshire Over 55's league

     Ladies' -  North Eastern League, Yorkshire Ladies' League

The next step is full county bowling where players compete against other counties throughout the country. We have a number of Harrogate members currently representing Yorkshire at varying levels.