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Indoor bowling came on the Harrogate scene in the early 1980s at Hammerain House off Hookstone Road when Harrogate Indoor Bowling Club was first established.  In 1987 there appeared to begin a controlled programme of deterioration by the management of both the bowls area and the amenities and eventually Hammerain House was placed on the market for sale. The new owners were snooker enthusiasts and following meetings by the Bowling Club’s committee with the new owners, the club were offered the use of three rinks at a rental of £40,000.00 per annum which was not economically viable and the offer was turned down resulting in the closure of the club on 3 August 1990.


There ensued a long battle led by the Club’s President the late Eric Gibson and secretary the late Brian Weatheritt backed by a hard working committee to locate a suitable site or building to enable Harrogate Indoor Bowling Club to continue and continue it did with a nucleus of members playing at away venues on a regular basis for five years.


After following up countless abortive trails, the cub were eventually offered by the council the opportunity of converting their Parks Department “Architecturally Designated” shed into an Indoor Bowling Centre.  Despite there being no water, gas, toilet facilities and the need to extend the building, it was the best offer there had been so in April 1994 the challenge of turning a shed into an Indoor Bowling Centre was accepted.


Detailed plans were drawn up, planning permission sought, funds raised and grants applied for. In March 1995 a grant was received from the Sports Council and building commenced.   Needless to say we ran out of money to be able to complete the project and our Treasurer Peter Gordon contacted the nucleus of members remaining from our Hammerain days suggesting that loans could be made to the club to meet the shortfall and for these to be repaid when the club was in a financial position to do so.  The response was fantastic and in September 1996 the club was officially opened by world champion bowler Andy Thompson and continues to thrive to this day.

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Harrogate Indoor Bowling Club Chairman
Eric Gibson

Founder Member


Catharine Shaw

Honorary President

Jeffery Bastow


Helen Walker

Ladies' Secretary / Captain

Harrogate Indoor Bowling Club Mens Captain
Roy Legate

Men's Secretary / Captain


Officers Of The Club